Balenggo Dance, Betawi Special Dance

Ondel-ondel, Tanjidor, a typical Betawi Mask Dance is popular of Betawi or Jakarta. It turns out into the three dances also a stunning Betawi Balenggo Dance.

The word Belenggo may be the same as dance. There is the phrase “diblenggoin” which means accompanied by dance. There are also those who call Blenggo derived from the word “lenggak-lenggok”, a common movement in a dance.

This dance movement has no “standard” or standard that must be mandatory, but generally dance movements are taken from the movements of the martial arts. So it really depends on the treasury of the dancer’s martial arts movement. So that a young dancer who mastered the Cimande martial arts with short movements would be different from the one who controlled the Cikalong martial arts with a long movement. But there is also a belief that the movements of the pencak or agile movements do not always come from the pencak silat movement, so that a young dancer does not have to be able to do martial arts.

Belenggo dance dancers are men. Generally belenggo dancers will dress all in black like the pencak silat players. Belenggo dance accompanied by songs from rebana biang is called belenggo rebana and belenggo dance accompanied by ajeng gamelan is called belenggo ajeng.

Based on the accompanying music, Belenggo Dance is divided into two: Belenggo Rebana and Belenggo Ajeng. Blenggo Rebana is accompanied by tambourine biang and Belenggo Ajeng accompanied by a gamelan ajeng.

Belenggo Rebana, usually belenggo rebana is performed by members of the rebana biang group, so Belenggo and the tambourine orchestra are complementary to each other. In the past, the new tambourine was “swept” if it was late when many spectators began to sleep.

At the beginning of the rebana, the play was played, its contents were only compliments (dhikr) against God and the Prophet Muhammad. After that it was continued by singing songs which in local terms were called “sunda gunung” or “mountain” songs. Sundanese mountain songs are usually also displayed through other shows such as blantek shows and masks. Other songs shown are Kangaji, Anak Ayam, Sanggreh or Sangrai Kacang. It is clearly seen that the influence of the Arabs and Muslims and Sundanese are united in this blenggo dance.

Belenggo Ajeng, in the beginning gamelan ajeng was not to accompany dances. But often with social development, the gamelan also accompanies dancing people called blenggo ajeng. In other words, the gamelan ajeng is a gamelan that is danced.

In Belenggo Ajeng dance the dancer does not have to be from the members of the gamelan alone but also open to outsiders as long as they master the martial arts movements. The first opportunity is always given to people who pay haul first. In the wedding party, it is very easy to play after “whatever”, which is to sprinkle the bride with yellow rice, money and flowers accompanied by special songs such as kidung.